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The Cuban



The perfect blend of creativity, infused in diced mangos, honeybush, and African Red Bush. Added with the flavor of ingredients at home to make your evening special.

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The Tea, The Story

Some of the greatest inventions are born out of necessity. In this case, we developed our new Cuban Mango blend from a simple question followed by pure curiosity the Cuban Mango Mojito was born. First, the question... Well, we blend some of the most amazing ingredients for clients, from mixologists to hospitality. In the case of our Cuban Mango, our client, for their bar on Miami Beach,  asked if it was possible to create such a flavor profile so we went to work. And oh, what a delicious coctail. After our first tasty experiment, why wouldn't we explore creating a cocktail with our Cuban Mango that went back to where it all started. The Cuban Mango Mojito.


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Enjoy a Cuban Mango MojitoTM in the comfort of your home.

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Key Features

Taste delightfully fruity and refreshingly effervescent notes tantalizing your palate.
Let it transport you to a different place. A tropical inclusion, surrounding you with flamingos, the sounds of a salsa band, and island drums.
Feel it:
  • Reinvigorate you
  • Energize you
  • Excite you
. . . And after a long day, relax you.